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(So I’m fairly new to cashiering, but apparently I pretty good at it. Our training courses tell us several ways to avoid injuring ourselves on the job for obvious reasons. One of the ways is to not reach farther than 17 inches to assist a customer, so not reaching/bending over the little ramp we slide products down to the bagging area is one of the things we shouldn’t really do. I’ve already been slightly scolded for doing this as I try to be as helpful and quick as I can be. I have this family come through my line, two separate orders, the first two customers are a couple and the next an older woman. The first order goes pretty well, but as I move to the older woman’s order, the younger woman hasn’t moved her cart out of my lane yet. The man’s at the bagging area bagging the older woman’s purchases as I scan and slide them down. As I come to the order’s end, the older woman says she has bags of ice, which I’ve noticed already but have waiting for the other woman to mover her cart so I can come around with my scan gun and stickers and finish the order.)

Man: “Can you bend over and scan those?”

Me: “Not really, sir, I can come around if-” (I start to offer to come around and scan the bags, smiling politely, as I’d rather not bend over the ramp and get scolded by a manager again.)

(The man sighs loudly, interrupting me and moves to lift one of the bags slightly so the scan bar is showing and I can scan, which I do, several times to amount for each bag of ice, smiling still.)

Me: “Okay ma’am, that’ll be [total].” (The older woman starts sorting through her money and the younger woman moves her cart finally. I grab some stickers for the ice bags and quickly come around the register, ramp and bagging area to stick on the stickers, placing a few of the left over bags into her cart as well, trying to be helpful.)

Man: (as I move back to the register, irritated) “Why didn’t you do that before?”

Me: (sweetly) “I’m sorry sir, I was just waiting for your other cart to be moved.” (He remains quiet after that, looking as if now in a hurry to leave.)

(The older woman gives me her money and I open the drawer and give her change, then I give my whole usual parting spiel. Carry out service?, Great day, etc. The whole family leaves pretty quietly and quickly without another word. Oops, I guess?)

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