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(I work in a well known retail store, and needless to say we get extremely busy on holidays. There was a long line at my register and the next customer with a baby in his cart comes up.)
Me: “Hi, did you find everything alright sir?”
Customer 1: “Yes, it’s all good. I want to buy this, and I have a discount from my email.” [He tries to pull up his email but the reception in our building is horrible so it takes a while.]
Me: *sees the customers behind him are waiting* “Sir, if you want, you can finish your transaction here, walk out to the front door and load your email, and then bring the receipt to customer service to get your discount.”
Customer 1: “Oh that sounds great! *finishes transaction, and proceeds to place his cart on the side of my register and leave to the front. With his purchase and baby still in his cart.
Me: *sees he’s already too far to say something, so I just keep with the line*
Customer 1: “Ok, ma’am, I have my coupon ready.”
(Clearly he misunderstood me, and I’m in the middle of another transaction. I tell him I can’t make an adjustment at my register.)
Me: Sir, I said after you get the coupon ready, go to customer service, sorry.”
Customer 1: “What? What do you mean?! *he gets flustered*
Me: *looking at the very long line still waiting and the next customer in line gets annoyed*
Me: “I’m sorry sir, I can’t make an adjustment here, and plus I’m in the middle of a transaction here.”
Customer 1: “You said I could load my email and get there discount. And also why would I leave my baby here?”
Me: (mentally thinking, I don’t know WHY would you leave your baby here? I’m getting paid to watch over children.)
Customer 2: “Too bad. I’m in line now.”

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