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(My mom, my twin brother, and I are doing some quick grocery shopping. My mother sends my brother and I over to grab some things that she forgot near the salad bar. My brother and I are talking about a social media page that broadcasts people’s random acts of kindness when we witness to this interaction between an employee and an old lady.)

Employee #1: Hello, ma’am, what can I do for you?

Old Lady: Can you call *Number* and ask my daughter if she is coming to pick me up?

Employee #1: Of course. You can call her at customer service.

Old Lady: Thank you!

(She heads to the front of the store. The employees begin to serve the next customer in line. About three minutes later the old lady is back, looking flustered.)

Old Lady: Excuse me! Excuse me!

Employee #1: Yes, ma’am?

Old Lady: My daughter isn’t coming! I –

Employee #1: *takes off apron and heads out of salad bar*: I’ll take you home, ma’am. My car is in the back.

Old Lady: *clearly relived*: Oh, thank you!

(She follows the employee, presumably to the parking lot.)

Twin Brother: Wow, (My Name), that’s something you don’t see every day!

Me *still a little surprised*: Yeah. That guy should get put on (social media page we were discussing earlier).

Employee #2: (Social media page I just mentioned)? He helped found that!

Twin Brother: *gives me a surprised look*

Me: I know. Crazy, right?

(That evening we check the page and find that the employee has posted a selfie with the old lady.)