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I’m helping out at the customer service desk when a regular customer walks up.

Customer: Can I use your phone to check my [prepaid debit card] balance?

Me: Sure. You have to dial 9 to get out.

I walked away, turned around and saw that she was having trouble with the phone so I decided to help her out.

Me: What’s the phone number?

The customer recited a seven-digit phone number that sounded like a local number. Then a different number. And another different number. After they said the same number twice I dialed.

Customer: (after I dialed the seven digits given to me) Did you dial 1-888? (A toll-free prefix)

Me: It’s an 888 number?! You never said that.

I tried the number again this time with the 888 prefix. It beeps like a fax machine. The beeps were loud so I held the phone out to demonstrate that I wasn’t lying.

Me: Is the customer service number on the back of the card that we can try?

Customer: Oh I took that number off the card.

Me: …

I asked to see her card and dialed the correct phone number. It rang.

Customer: Now it’s just playing music, I just want my balance. *hangs up*

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