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(I’m a customer in this story. I’m standing in the line and witnessing the dialogue between the store manager and a very angry – and extraordinary dressed – customer. Note: 5000 roubles is the biggest bank note in Russia, still accepted anywhere after the compulsory checking if it’s not fake)

Customer: I was here yesterday, tried to pay with 5000-roubles note and your cashier did NOT take my money!
Manager: Well, as you paid with such a big note, she had to check it in a special machine. The machine probably showed red light, so the cashier gave the note back to you. It doesn’t mean that it’s fake, but we can’t accept it. These are our rules, you know.
Customer: Ridiculous! I got it from ATM! It must be real!
Manager: Sure you did. But if the cashier’s machine said…
Customer: And that day I came in another shop and you know what? They accepted it! How do you explain this?!
Manager: Well, I’m not responsible for that shop… Maybe they have another machine. Still, what do you want from me now?
Customer: Fire your cashier!
Manager: What for? She’s just doing her job! She has to check the note and if the machine shows red light, she declines your note. So she did.
Customer: Fix your machine then! It must be broken!
Manager: No, it’s not. It must have been something with your note. It’s happening from time to time, sorry to tell it…
Customer: Impossible! I got it from ATM!
Manager: So. What do YOU want? To complain? I can’t prevent you do this. Or you can call the police, if you like. Or…
Customer: No! No! Your machine doesn’t work! Fix it! It doesn’t work!
(stroms out, repeatedly crying last phrase)