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*The store I work in closes at 10pm on this night. A customer walks up to my register around 9:30pm and I start ringing him up. He then tells me his family is still shopping and walks off mid-transaction. By 10:30 they are still shopping and my manager has to make an announcement that we are closed before they finally come back to the registers.*

Him: Hey *wife* look at this hat I bought. *Puts hat on head and walks off*

*I finish ringing up his items and I’m still waiting on him to return.*

Him: *finally returns and I ring up hat* Do you have any *item*?

Me: If we do it will be in that area right there.

Him: I didn’t see any.

Me: Then we must not have anymore.

Him: DO YOU HAVE ANY *item*?

Me: If we did sir it would be in that area.


Me: *In the nicest voice I can handle since I’m trying very hard to contain my anger* Sir I do not know our stock by heart. If it’s not in that area we either don’t sell it or we don’t have any in stock. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Him: WHATEVER! *pays then mumbles under his breath the entire way out of the store*

*Thanks to their late leaving we didn’t get out until 12:30am*

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