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(I am in line at a coffee shop with a really long line. The day is really hot so most of us have ducked in for air conditioning and iced drinks. Suddenly we hear a crash and notice a woman waiting for her drink has fainted. Costumers rush to help her, and the baristas get her water and a bag of ice.”

Helpful Costumer: Can someone call 911 for her.

Other Costumer: I’m already dialing.

(The man behind me in line gets upset and says to me)
Jerk: There is no need to get the police involved.

Me: No, but EMS would probably be helpful. She needs to be checked out.

Jerk: If there calling 911 than I don’t have time for this.

(He leaves the store. I don’t know why helping a stranger is that big of an incovinece, espically when everyone still got their orders quickly, and the EMS came and checked the woman out and cleared her to go without a hospital visit. Luckily hte rest of the store were better people)

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