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I the opening manager of a store.
Every morning I get to work about an hour before the store opens.
I have to count out tills for the day, count receipts from the day before, fill out a mountain of paperwork and get to the bank and back, all before opening.
Needless to say, I do not turn on any lights or do snything to indicate anyone is even on the store.
In addition there are signs posted on the front door and one in the big window on the front clearly stating our hours, and that we open at 9:30 am.
So of course this happens at least once a week as I am leaving around 9 am for the bank run.
I leave, car keys in hand, no lights on in the store save for the security light, alarm screaming till the door is locked, lock the door bchind me and this happens.
Customer runs up as I am wdlking away as asks “are you open?”
At least once a week.
My fxvofite may be the customer waiting she no returned from the bank about 9:15 am last still (note,still not 9:30 and both signs are still up stating hours)
She was standing there with one of my coworkers as I walked up.
Customer: well about time you got here.
Me: well it’s not opening time yet
I unlock doors and tell my coworker to come in, calling him by name and telling him he can start by unpacking dome boxes.
Customer tries to push her way in, despite alarm going off and with no lights on.
I ask her to wait outside for a few more minutes till we are ready to open
Customer: why aren’t you open? There are a lot of people here who want to come in. What’s taking so long”
I tell her it’s not 9:30 and we are still
Getting ready,
I also looked surround at the otherwise empty sidewalk and hoped all those other people weren’t inside her head.