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(I work in a small cafe in a small airport. I was standing at the counter finishing up with a customer when I saw someone who had gotten of the flight walk in past the counter. I thought at first he was just heading to the cooler that we keep drinks in, but he didn’t seem to stop and we have one of our two kitchen entrances past the cooler, the other being behind me. I quickly wish the customer I was dealing with a good day and went into the kitchen to see a man looking around.)

Man: “Where’s your bathroom?”

Me: “Sir, you cannot be back here. There is a public restroom you can use just outside our cafe.”

Man: “I just really need to use the bathroom. Here it is.” *He opens the cleaning supply closet door which is right across from the bathroom so I know I have to be quick in getting him out of here*

Me: “Sir, you cannot be back here. The airport has a public restroom you can use, but you have to leave.”

Man: “Well, where is it?”

(I’m finally able to lead him out of the kitchen and into the dining room.)

Me: “It’s just out our doors and to the right.”

Man: “No, it’s to the left.”

Me: *leading him to our door and pointing to the sign that says restroom that is to the right* “No, it’s to the right.”

Man: “Oh.” *leaves to the left*

(I shake my head with a sigh and return to my seat. A few seconds later I see him walk past our entrance to finally go to the public restroom. I’m certain he was drunk. I can understand that some people drink before a flight to calm their nerves, we even sell light beer at our cafe, but you shouldn’t drink enough that you can no longer control yourself.)