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(My mom and I are sitting down in an Indian restaurant we both enjoy. The service is good and the food is delicious. We order out food and the waiter, who is a little softspoken and Indian, makes some small talk.)

Waiter: (something I can’t hear, but my mom hears)
Mom: Oh, no. We’re not sisters. She’s my daughter.
Waiter: *looking between the both of us, completely in shock* She’s your daughter?
Mom: *giggling* Yes.
Waiter: (after a little hesitation) What is age difference?
Mom: *still giggling* 30 years. I’m 46; she’s 16.
Waiter: *still in shock* Wow. Not sisters!

(The waiter walks off, smiling yet still in disbelief. My mom and I giggle about it the rest of our meal, and the waiter still seems a little skeptical when he comes back to check on us.)