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(I am female born but don’t like to be called a girl or female or by any pet names. Recently I’ve been trying to curb the use of pet names in general, and unfortunately Australian culture is using overly familiar pet names and nicknames. This instance was the second time I’ve properly asked someone to respect me and my wishes on the subject.)
Customer: Hi love, can I get a pack of [cigarettes] please?
Me: Sure thing, however, I would like to ask you to please not call me pet names anymore.
Customer: What?
Me: Like just then when you called me love?
Customer: Oh psshht
Me: All done, have a nice day.
Customer: Thanks love
(The customer just scoffed and disregarded my request. This has happened every time that I’ve asked someone not to call me pet names. My new tactic is to start calling them emasculating nicknames. It tends to make them feel uncomfortable and start to respect my wishes more.)

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