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(I work in as a cashier in a cupcake store in a mall. We have a regular customer who comes around the same time every day. She’s a very eccentric older lady who almost keeps the store afloat by herself. She likes to buy things from our store to give to other cashiers in other stores. She also likes to start and hold conversations with a staff member for almost 30 minutes at a time. I start my shift as she’s starting a conversation with my coworker. It’s company policy to wear a uniform, and i have short hair. I have my hair down, am about to put it up, when:)

Regular: Wait. Dutch girl. Look at me for a second. (She has lovely nicknames for all of us.)

Me: *I pause and look at her* Yes?

Regular: How old are you?

Me: …. 21?

Regular: OH! I thought you were like 40 or something! That’s why I never liked you! You look so much better with your hair down!

Me: *forced laugh* Well company policy! I gotta wear a hairnet!

Regular: And you know, that’s just so stupid! Hair’s gonna fall off anyway, who cares if it gets in the food?

(I proceed to put my hair up in my headband and hairnet, and go to the back to make more cupcakes. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so annoyed and insulted. I know I look like a stern teacher with my hair pulled back, but really? I never liked her anyway.)

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