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I work at a locally owned cell phone store. For one particular company we have in the store we’re required to charge a $3 fee on top of taxes. We have signs up mentioning the fee and they’ve been up before we even started charging it. On top of that my coworkers and I made sure customers were aware of it.
Customer: “Hi, I need to know how much my bill is.”
Me: “No problem. Let me look it up for you. What’s your phone number?”
She gives me the number and it pulls up a name. After I’ve verified that I have the right customer I pull up her account to see which plan it’s on.
Me: “Okay, I see you’re on the $35 plan. So after taxes and the fee it’ll total up to $40.87.
Customer: “What?? Forty dollars?? Why did it go up??”
Me: “(Company) actually started charging a $3 fee about three months ago. Unfortunately, we’re required to charge it every time a payment is made in the store.”
Customer: “No, that’s bull***! I only paid like, $30 last month!”
Me: “Okay, let me check on that real quick.”
I pull her receipt from last month’s payment, and sure enough, she paid the exact amount last month that I told her she owed this month. So I print out last month’s receipt to show her, thinking that will stop the argument.
Me: “Okay, I checked to see what you paid for last month. It’s the same price it shows now. Here’s last month’s receipt.”
Customer: (Snatching the receipt from my hand) “What?! That’s f***ing crazy! I know what I paid last month! And it wasn’t no forty f***ing dollars!!”
She storms out of the store.
Me: “Oh okay. Have a nice day!”

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