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, | Unfiltered | April 17, 2020

A couple come in with a baby. Our timetable is currently on ‘Lane Swim’, ie: we have roped lanes and just for people who want to swim lengths.
Customer: Could we have a family swim please.
Reception: I am sorry, family swim doesn’t start until 12.
Customer: That’s fine, we just want to use the toddler pool.
Reception: It is lane swim at the moment. Family swim is at 12.
Customer: But we could still use the toddler pool? We don’t want to go into the main pool.
Reception: No, we have one lifeguard on at the moment as it is a lane swim. The toddler pool is not open to the public until 12.
Customer: How about one of us takes it in turn to swim lengths and one of us stays in the toddler pool?
Reception: No! The toddler pool isn’t open! It is Lane Swimming!

The customers then got really angry and filled out a card saying that they had driven for 30 minutes and that the website should make it clearer. What is it about ‘Lane Swimming’ that makes it unclear?

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