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I work in a busy fast food restaurant that sells specialty fries. This one particular night, a lady who has been through the drive thru before order one of these pencil fries. I am at the second window with her food bagged. When she pulls up, I greet her, smile and hand her the bag. I tell her to have a good night, and I close the window. And the next thing I hear is “um excuse me!”
I open the window and listen to her. “I need more napkins, you only gave me one” “absolutely, here you go! ” (I hand her three more napkins). I notice the look on her face suggests that she was thinking ” are you serious? ” and so I ask her- ” is that enough for you? ”
She barks in response-” No! I’m going to work! I need something to wipe my hands with!”
I hand her some more napkins even though she only had one item. So at this point she has almost ten napkins for a small order of fries with cheese on them. I then tell her our policy. “sorry ma’am. Our policy is to give one napkin per item. But you can have as many as you need. ”
” But ya’ll take more than a dollar? ”
” what? ” I said, stunned.
” but ya’ll cost more than a dollar! ”
I didn’t respond. She drove away. I don’t think she understood that I was following procedures. Maybe she doesn’t understand that I don’t make the prices. I learned later that she came through another time and was talking to my back register operator and he thought she was done talking to him. She was offended and told him to talk to the hand. I was laughing so hard about the napping lady that night.

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