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Customer brings up two greeting cards to the register.

Me: “Would you like to get one more card, because the cards are actually 3 for $10 so you will be saving money buying three.”

Customer: “No. I don’t want three.”

Me: “Okay, although it will be more expensive for just two…”

Customer: *stares at me*

I scan the cards.

Me: “That will be $10.99, please”

Customer: “It’s MORE expensive for two?”

Me: “Yes. They are in a sale, 3 cards for $10”

Customer: *scoffs and pays* “…You’d think it would be 2 for $10”

I continue finalising her purchase and placing her items in the bag.

Customer: “…no?”

Me: “No sorry I’m not sure, I do not decide on the prices”

Customer: *storming off* “You don’t know? You just fucking work here!!!”