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(in each department, there are red phones you can pick up to call an associate, in that department, to help you. The seasonal department is located right next to mine, Electronics. Their red phone is next to the patio furniture. My red phone is next to stationary, which is part of my department, but stationary is an aisle over from toys. So often, I will get calls for help in seasonal.)

(My phone rings) Me: Hello, photo and media, how may I help you?

Customer: I wanted the toy department!

Me: Sorry, I’m electronics, I can try to help you even though I’m not familiar with that department. What are you looking for?

Customer: I’m looking for (recent children’s film) toys! They’re listed in your online coupons!

Me: Well, I know we carry books and stickers for it, in my department but, let me look for a toys associate. (I go through the seasonal department, looking for someone but, also looking for the toys too. I find someone and hand him the phone explaining the situation.)

Coworker: Sorry ma’am, we don’t carry anything for that. (He hands the phone back to me and I start walking back towards my department when I see the woman standing at my departments red phone. She stops me)

Customer: Hi, can you help me? I’m looking for (recent children’s film) toys!

Me: Yes, I think I just got off the phone with you! My coworker said we don’t carry anything, and all I know is that we carry the books for it.

Customer: but it’s on your online coupons!

Me: well, the online coupons are automated for the entire company and aren’t selected based on what your store actually carries. Unfortunately.

Customer: hopefully you get them in soon!

Me: yeah I hope so! I’d like to see what they have for it!