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[I’m visiting a local game store with a younger family friend. She’s about 15 and is SUPER into wildlife and adores animals. While I go and pickup a code they’ve been giving out for special creatures in [Popular Creature-Catching RPG], she wanders around looking at different games. I come back to her looking intently at a popular hunting game. ]

Me: Having fun?

Her: Yeah! The animals are so cute. I kinda want to get it.

Me: Uh.. You know that’s a HUNTING game right?

Her: Yeah, I know.

Me: And the whole point of the game is to shoot animals?

Her: Oh I’m not going to shoot them, I just want to look at them.

Me: Then why not get [Popular Game with Animal Villagers] or [Zoo Management Game]??

[She ended up buying the game, even after my trying to explain that she won’t be able to see much more than deer without killing the animals. She ‘played’ it religiously for about a month until she accidentally shot a deer and cried her eyes out. I still think her mother blames me for ‘letting’ her get the game.]