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I working late into the night one day and I am doing some small task around the store. While doing this a lady in her mid-twenties with her baby and a guy I assume is her husband stops me and pulls me over the the shelf where we keep the cans of ravioli and other like items.

Lady: “Excuse me sir all theset cans are dented.”(She says sounding annoyed but seems like she’s trying to stay polite)
She motions toward a the only cans of ravioli left. I pick up some of the cans and start to examine them and she’s right.

Me: “Oh. I’m sorry-”
(She cuts me off)

Lady: “Dented cans can cause botulism and I would like you to tell your manager so they can take them off the shelf.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll tell her. If you don’t mind me askin’,what’s botulism?” I’m only 16, I don’t know much yet.”

Lady:(still annoyed) ” It’s sorta like food poisoning.”

Me: “Oh. Yeah, I’ll go tell her right away.”

Lady: (seeming relieved) “Okay. Thank you”

Me: “No problem. Y’all have a good night.”
I walk away and go up to the front desk to tell my manager who also seems annoyed.
“Uh…there’s this lady who wants me to tell you that all the cans are dented over there and she wants to them taken off the shelf.”

Manager: (sighs) She grabs a pen and a note pad and lays them in front of me. ” You can tell her to wright her complaint on that and stock it right there.” (She motions toward the trash can) “We sell plenty of dented cans and no one has complained today.

Me: Stunned, I just walk away and continue my work.