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(I’m at work and in the middle of a fairly frustratingly busy day, two men are each waiting for their respective orders)

Coworker: Are onions and peppers ok on that?

Customer #1: Yeah, it’s all fine, I’m Italian *Asks for several other toppings, filling the sandwich past being able to close*

Me: (To Customer #2): Hey, we accidentally put swiss instead of provolone, do you want us to remake it?

Customer #1: *Not noticing me looking at and speaking directly to Customer #2* Yeah, that’s fine, it’s all fine, I’m Italian after all

Me: Uh, sorry, I was actually asking [Customer #2]

Customer #1: Oh sorry

Customer #2: That’s fine, I don’t care

Customer #1: (To Customer #2) Oh, you must be Italian

(I finally finish the man’s sandwich and start walking over and say to him fairly clearly)

Me: Parla Lei Italiano?

Customer #1: *Doesn’t register that I’ve said anything at all, looks at me, thanks us and leaves*

Me: *Internal screaming*

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