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So, this is going to be the first of many stories I’ve got as a supervisor at a discount retail store.
Just as I’m about to go to lunch, I get a guy coming back from Lay-By, where our Click and Collect collection point is located (a service that allows people to select one of our stores to pick up parcels they have purchased from online stores, free of charge).
Me: Hi, how can I help today?
Customer: I bought this item online, and it’s the wrong one, I was just after an exchange for the right one.
(Turns out he was sent the wrong colour of a remote control plane or something like that. We also have an online store, that allows customers to pick up in the same fashion. For these, I can do a return/exchange/etc, however…)
Me: That’s ok, do you have a copy of your online invoice?
Customer: No, I’ve only got the collection notice I was sent at the moment?
(I look at the notice, and sure enough, it is a notice to pick up a Click and Collect parcel purchased elsewhere, not an online purchase from our store)
Me: Sorry, I can’t do a return or exchange here because the item wasn’t purchased from us. I suggest getting in contact with the seller you purchased from online, and let them know what has happened.
Customer: But, I bought it from you guys, I picked it up here. I just want it swapped for the right item.
Me: I’m sorry, but we don’t even sell this item anyways. So even if I wanted to dodge around, I can’t even accept it in our system.
Customer: But, if I’m picking it up here, that means I’m buying it from you?
Me: No, you’re just picking it up from here. You’ve purchased it from an online seller, and we are just a pick up point. There’s no process for it to be returned or refunded because you haven’t purchased it from us.
(This goes on for a good 5 minutes before he finally changes topic)
Customer: Can’t you just send it back?
Me: No, because we don’t have the details. I can’t just send it back and hope for the best, because I wouldn’t necessarily want you to have it lost in the mail for example, and then nothing comes from it.
Customer: But what if you send it, and I get in touch with them about what has happened?
Me: Again, unfortunately, I can’t do that because we haven’t directly dealt with the seller. We are effectively being like a courier pick up point here. I can’t send it, unless something has been organised between you and the seller.
(Again, this goes on for another 5-10 minutes, before he finally says that he will try get in touch with who he bought it from online. The man wasn’t rude at all. But.. just wouldn’t accept that we were just a pick up service and wanted his new item straight away, or wanted us to send it back and hope for the best.
He was shopping in the store about a month and a half later, and I stopped to say hello, and asked if his issue was solved. He told me it was, but the seller was almost refusing to send him his correct item, and making him pay for postage there and back, despite proving to him that he was sent the wrong item, but it was sorted out in the end. However, he still maintained that we should have a direct return service for it in store if something like this ever happened in the future.)

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