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I used to work at a call center for a telecom. This call comes through:

Me: my normal greeting, including the name of the company

Woman: all right, you liars. You tried to tell me this wasn’t covered under the warranty, but I dug out the paperwork and I have proof right here.

Me: Confused, but thinking maybe for a router. “Warranty for what ma’m?”

Her: my *brand name* refrigerator. It’s broken and ya’ll need to come out and fix it, because this warranty clearly states it’s covered.

Me: Ma’m, I think you have the wrong number this is a telecom, we don’t do anything with refrigerators.

Her: well, this is the number, on the paperwork and you need to help me.

Me: I think you dialed it incorrectly, we sell phone plans, Internet, and cable. We are *name of telecom* not *appliance brand*. We don’t have anything to do with refrigerators.

Her: Well, why would they give me this number then?

Me: I don’t know, maybe it’s old or published wrong.

Her: Well you still need to help me

Me: looks up brand phone number and gives it to her

Her: if this don’t work, I’m calling you back.

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