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Today I went into work with a positive attitude. After my 15 minute break around 4 o’clock or so, I get back in my check lane and continue bagging groceries. A woman comes and I noticed that she had a 1 or 2 year old sitting in the cart. She unloads her food and other items, I start bagging and placing them in the empty cart behind me. (Note: she saw me doing this and never said a word. Plus she had the cart far away from me and it was inconvenient to me to get to her cart.) The cashier finished ringing her up and I finished filling up the cart. She pays and then looks at the cart that I filled. She then slaps my shoulder and says, “Didn’t you see that I have a baby in this cart? You were SUPPOSED to put my groceries in THIS cart!!” I then look at her confused because she never politely asked me to place her bags in the cart with the toddler. By this time I had to begin bagging another order. I thought that she would just walk away, but no.. She pulls the child from the cart, makes a huge deal and then grabs my shoulder, turns me around and says “What is your name? Oh it’s Lydia. Okay, I’ll be talking to management about you and how you bag.” I was shocked and I felt my face turn red. I didn’t know what to do. I’d only been working for a week at most. I wasn’t trained, they just threw me in where ever. I just didn’t think that someone could be so rude about something before. Oh well, you can’t please everyone. Lol