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I worked as a Loss Prevention Supervisor for a mall department store. One day, while monitoring the store on camera, I see four young men ( no older than 21) march into the store in a single file line. The first young man is carrying a small bag from Fredrick’s of Hollywood in front of him.

All four March to the young men’s department, where the guy with the bag entered the fitting room. The other three line up next to each other in facing of the fitting room entrance with their hands clasped in front of them. A few minutes later, bag boy emerges wearing the skimpiest, fringed, flesh-colored thong I have ever seen, and nothing else. He shakes his hips in front of his mates, shimmying the fringe like nobody’s business for exactly one minute. He then turned around military style and re-entered the fitting room.

After dressing and coming back onto the sales floor, they get back into line and march out of the store. Not a single one of them so much as cracked a smile the entire time they were in the building.

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