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I work in a deli of a Safeway that I have been living near to almost my whole life. I live in a place that has been on the up and up over the years and snobs have invaded the area. Today was such an encounter. So I was working and I see this older women and I said the usual ‘how can I help you’ and this happens.

Older women: I want the turkey with the low sodium I got last time.

Now for people who don’t know, sometimes behind the sales tags in the meat displays have information behind them like low sodium and the like. I look down to see all the turkeys she is looking at have low sodium.

Me: Uh, which turkey? They all have low sodium.
Older women: No they don’t. Not all of them have low sodium. *still looking at the section where all the said sodium turkeys are.*
Me: The signs behind here say that they have low sodium ma ‘mm
Older women: No, they don’t!

So she chooses a turkey and says “I don’t want the end of it, I want it shredded. Do you have a problem? I have been shopping here for 22 years! Do I have to talk to Lisa?”
Lisa is one of the higher ups and today hasn’t been a smooth enough day as was and I said “No, I will do it.” And so I cut her order and gave it to her as she gave me the stink eye and left. Luckily, I talked to one of my coworkers and he has my back but lady, there is no reason to be this salty

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