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(So my girlfriend and I go out for breakfast at a very popular chain of “all day breakfast” places, to be seated in a booth adjacent to the customer in this story, who is there with what appears to be her 10(ish) year old daughter. We have the same waitress between the two tables, and they have just been served their meal.)
Customer: Excuse me, but this is not toasted (showing lightly browned toast), THIS is still bread.
Waitress: I will take that back and get it fixed for you right away, do you prefer it to be much darker?
Customer: Its NOT toast, THAT is still bread.
(the waitress leaves and comes back shortly with the darker toast, because of the rudeness of the customer, both my girlfriend and I are now watching what transpires, and it is a dark toast, but still clearly brown, and not burned)
Customer: What the hell, this is burnt, I’m not going to eat this.
Waitress: I’m very sorry about that, I will get another order for you right away.
Customer: Don’t bother, at this point I’m not going to eat it anyway, first you bring me bread now BURNED?
Waitress: I’m very sorry, I misjudged the amount you wanted it toasted. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make this better for you.
(The waitress leaves, goes about the other tables, the entire time this lady is ranting and going on about how horrible they are here to her daughter…who she also stopped from eating the toast, because it was burned. The waitress returned to her booth a couple of more times to see if there was any way she could make things right for the table, only to be turned away each time. Finally the time comes for the bill, the waitress already has removed the cost of the toast from the bill for her and her daughter’s orders, only to more complaints from the lady who is now making herself ready to leave. The waitress stops by our table to see if we would like anything else.)
Me: No, thank you, but our compliments to the kitchen, our toast was perfect.
(The lady storms out with her daughter as the waitress makes her way out of the dining area to the kitchen, out of view from customers to keep from bursting out laughing. By the time she returns to our table, I have already gotten a comment card from the front desk and have recounted what had transpired commending the waitress for her patience and professionalism)
Waitress: Thank you for that, she’s always in here and pulls this sort of thing, but it’s the first time I had gotten her.
Manager: Thank you for filling this out, she’s already called in to complain (this is only about 2 minutes after her departure), to say what horrible service she had gotten, how unprofessional we all are and that she “would come back her, but she didn’t want to have to go to jail for what she’d do if she did”.

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