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I work at the largest retail store in the world, at a location in Toronto. We have a policy that we will price match any product that our competitors are selling for a lower price as long as it is on the correct flyer date, and the item is the exact flavor, size, etc. A customer comes to my checkout lane demanding that I price match all the items in her cart, and there are about 50 items total. As you have to price override every single item, it takes a long time punching in all of the price override codes and checking the flyer dates and item sizes. The store where they price match also must be within a 30kilometer radius of our store.

Me: How is your day today, ma’am

Customer: Good. I want to price match all of these items in my cart. Here is the flyers.
(She proceeds to pull the flyers on her phone. half of they flyers are invalid, as they are expired, and many of them are from stores in different provinces and even from the U.S., and some of them are in French, which I cant even read. I proceed to tell her which flyers are valid and what arent. I override the valid ones, but i tell her what i cannot price match. By now, there is a long line forming)

Customer in line: Hurry Up!!!!!!!!

Customer: Your taking too long!!!!!

Me to the customer in line: Sorry about the inconvenience, but it will be a long time. (I am only half done with all her price matching. I proceed to keep looking at her flyers and price overriding. By now, i am annoyed, and its the customers fault shes price matching so many items,yet shes complaining im taking too long. Now, i am done. She has only like 10 items she was able to price match the right way. )

Me: Your total is $16.10

Customer: AMEX please. you took a long time. I want a manager to complain to.

(I call a customer service manager(CSM), who proceeds to back me up as I explain everything to her)

CSM: Ma’am, you price matched so many items. You should expect to be in line for a long time if you price match.

(she pays for her items, without saying a word, and leaves.)

Coworker at the till behind me: She was a bitc*

Me: I know, right!!!!

Customer in line: I was yelling at the customer in line who was price matching to hurry up. I guess some people dont realize cashiers are live human beings too

Me: Well, hopefully she goes to self checkout next time

(I proceed with her transaction, and the rest of the day runs smoothly)

(there is a moment of sience before the CSM leaves)

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