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(I work as a cashier at a sporting goods store in town. We get a lot of kids buying supplies for school athletics. One Teenager comes in with his Mom to return some cleats because the Teenager wanted metal cleats but had plastic ones. I call up a Manager to process the transaction. The Mom explains to my Manager that they want metal cleats.)
Manager: (to Teenager) Are you planning on playing city league, or just for school?
Teenager: Probably both
Manager: All right, well unless they changed something from last year, you won’t be able to use metal cleats for city league. They only allow the plastic ones for safety reasons.
Teenager: (in a condescending tone, after a solid 5 seconds of staring blankly at my manager) I ONLY wear metal cleats.
Manager: Ooookay, just thought I’d warn you. Let’s go ahead and do that return.
(We processed the return, with the mother badgering her son about not being able to wear metal cleats the whole way through. Finally, the leave.)
Manager & Me: (matching Teenager’s condescending tone, in unison): But I ONLY wear metal cleats.