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, | Unfiltered | April 4, 2020

(As a female, I get a lot of sexism with both female and male customers.. My coworker doesn’t see it, though.)

Male Customer: “…” *stares at male coworker, who’s busy*

Me: “May I help you?”

Male Customer: *mumbles*

Me: “Excuse me?”

Male Customer: *rudely* “I said, checking in!”

Me: “Ok, sir.”

(We go through checking in, and everytime he asks a question, it’s in a mumble. I have to keep asking him to repeat himself, much to his annoyance. Finally, my coworker looks up.)

Coworker: “Hello!”

Male Customer: *loudly and clearly* “Hello!”

(Then he turns to me and mumbles. After he leaves:)

Me: “Boy that guy sure was rude. But he spoke up with you!”

Coworker: *laughs*

(It happens with female Customers too.)

Female Customer: “…”

Me: “Hi, may I help you?”

Female Customer: *ignores me*

(My coworker is busy with another customer, and doesn’t notice her.)

Me: “Hello! May I help you!”

(No answer, so I give up. My coworkers gets off the phone with the other customer, and she speaks up.)

Female Customer: “Hi, can a get some towels?”

(My coworker thinks a female can’t be sexist against her own, but it’s true!)

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