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(Basically i’m working in a fastfood restaurant, ours is the only one which is open at night in our area. Usually i’m taking orders on Drive-thru, so i’ve learned the prices of the items…someone thought differently)

(Ps.: I’m new in this country, English is not my native language, but i rarely have problems with that)

Me: Welcome to XY, may i take your order please?

Customer: Hey, yeah. Can i have, yeah, a 1,29 pound double cheeseburger with bacon?

Me: *Since we have only one kind, and that is for 1,49, it struck me suddenly* I’m not sure i heard it correctly..can you repeat it for me please?

Customer: *Sighs* Do i really have to tell this all the f*#&@{ time?! *Starts repeating it word by word* I. WANT. A. 1,29. DOUBLE. CHEESE. BURGER. WITH. BACON.

Me: *Usually i have a good temper but i kinda lost it at this moment* Thank you for making it clear for me Sir. The only problem is that our Doublecheese burger doesnt come with bacon, and it’s 1,49.

Customer: Listen here you dumbf*#& This is england. Learn the f>#&{@ language! I told you what i want! The motherf***** 1,29 double cheeseburger with bacon! You’ve put posters all over England with this!!!

Me: Are you sure…you are not talking about the [Other restaurant, which does this offer]?

Customer: NO! Let me come to the window! Call your f***** Manager you dumb f***!

*My manager was waiting, before he could speak the Customer started shouting*

Customer: You are the manager yeah?! Employ people who are not so F#&@{ idiot like this girl here! She is a stupid blond f*** I told her what i want and she keeps telling bulls***!

*My manager sent me away, before i could start crying, after that all i heard is someone came to the store, i ran to the Front to help them, it was the guy, he wanted to throw a chair at me for that. Thankfully two policemen took him away before he could do any harm*

Co-worker: Seriously…all this fuss just for a double-cheeseburger..?