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(I was doing grocery in a popular shopping mall near my area when heard the below conversation between a elderly man and cashier. The mall was giving a offer,”Buy Product#1 and get 30%off on 2ltr of coke”. The sign was big and placed next to the counter)

OldMan: I want this. * handing 2ltr of coke of same brand on which offer is there*
Cashier: Sure Sir.You total is *amount*.
Old Man: You did not give me discount.
Cashier: Discount will be available if you buy Product#1.
Old man: But i want only this coke.
Cashier: In that case ,I am sorry sir but you have to pay in full.
Old man: *shouting at this point and gathering attentions* BUT ITS WRITTEN HERE “GET 30% OFF ON COKE”.
Cashier: It is also written with picture that you have to buy Product#1.
Old man: You are cheating me. Its day light robbery.
Cashier: I am sorry sir but I can’t give you discount unless you are buying product#1
Oldman: So you will give me discount or not?
Cashier: NO.

*storms off crushing on native language*

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