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I’m out shopping and I take off my trainers to try on a pair of shoes. While I’m doing this, a girl of about 11 or 12 rushes over and grabs my trainers.

Girl: (shouting towards her mother across the shop) Mam I want these!

Me: Excuse me, those are mine.

Girl: I saw them first.

Me: But they’re not for sale they’re my actual shoes, I’ve been wearing them all day.

I reach out to take them but she still refuses to give them back. The girls mother comes over.

Girl: Mam I saw these first.

Me: They’re Adidas trainers they don’t sell them here, she can get new ones at [Popular Sports Shop]. But those are mine, They were expensive.

Girl: But I saw them first!

The girls mother asks her daughter to return them to me but she refuses to give them back.

Mother: Look, can’t you just let her have them? She won’t give them back, just get a different pair they’re only shoes.

Me: I’m not made of money, they were expensive.

Mother: But she really wants them and I don’t want to go all the way over to [Popular Sports Shop], here I’ll pay for them. *she takes a £20 note from her purse*

By this point I’d had enough, I reach out and manage to take them back. I stuffed my feet back into them and walked off without saying anything. Apparently the mother ranted about me to the staff at the tills…one of whom is someone I went to school with, he asked me about it when I went to pay and he was in hysterics when I told him the story.