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(A man walks up to our counter and asks to pick up his photos.)

Me: alright what’s the name and when did you order them?

Customer: (he only used two letters, one for his first name and last name instead of his actual name) how many pictures was that and what does it cost?

Me: looks like you have 150 and that’s $22 before tax

Customer: can I look at them before I pay for them?

Me: yeah, go ahead.

(He goes and grabs a chair from our photo computers and sits down in front of my register)

Customer: this is going to be a while. So you can leave if you want. (He finds a piece of paper and starts setting photos aside and writing things down as if he’s doing math)

(I turn to my coworker and he’s giving me the “is this guy for real” look.)

Me(whispering to coworker): remember we have a “take it or leave it” policy (basically stating that we can’t take out 3 pictures just because you don’t like them, we can fix them and replace them however.)

Coworker: got it!

(I went on break and came back to find the man had left, so I asked my coworker how it went. The man did want to take out pictures from his order, my coworker explained we can’t, so the man will be in later to fix them.)

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