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(So after my appendix was removed, I’ve come to and been taken back to my room, I realise that because of the air pumps on my legs (to prevent blood clots due to not being able to move for a while) and about 5 hospital blankets on top of me, I’m getting extremely hot. I’m still coming off G.A. so i do something stupid:)

Me: *leans forward to get blankets off, ends up crying from pain in abdomen*

Nurse: *who happened to be passing my room* “Sweetie!? What’s wrong? Are you alright?”

Me: *laughing while also crying* “Yeah, i just managed to forget that they cut into me, I needed to get some blankets off me, and i stupidly tried to do it myself.”

Nurse: *begins chuckling a bit too* “That was a bit stupid. You should’ve called your nurse. Here.” *She takes all but one blanket off me* “Better?”

Me: “Much, thanks.”

(When my surgeon came to check on my dressings, it turns out that i’d just very slightly managed to split the wound under my naval. I’m dumb…)