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I used to work as a waitress in a cafeteria-style restaurant. Once we were closed, the food on the line was gone so that the line workers and dishwashers in the back could all get done at a decent time. I once waited on a couple who stayed past closing, and acted oblivious to the fact that we were closed. After complaining twice about their food, and me telling them twice that the line workers had already disposed of the food so I couldn’t replace it, they continued eating while grumbling. The man asked me for a refill on his soda, so I obliged happily. I finished wiping off my last few tables and kept an eye on the couple so I could clean up after them and leave when they were gone. They waved me over once more. When I asked them what the problem was, the woman said “I don’t know how to say this… you got him a refill from the same place, right?” Of course, it was our only open soda machine at that time. “Well… it’s just not fizzy enough.” There were a few seconds of awkward silence as I realized that she was, in fact, serious, and as I tried not to laugh in her face, I brought him yet another refill.
They didn’t need anything else the rest of their meal.

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