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(So members of the country club I work at get a $90 food minimum to spend every three months, the receipts for any order at the bottom show the amount of the minimum that is left. So this little kid walks up to the counter and orders, he comes every day with at least two friends)
Kid: Can I have three fries?
Me: Sure!
Kid: (looks at receipt with amount at bottom): Hey! Why does is say unspent $6.70?
Me: Well bud, that’s how much of the $90 you still have to spend before your minimum is used up!
Kid: But I haven’t bought that much!
(Again, this kid and his friends come in every day and order at least 3 things each)
Me: Well that’s what the computer says but it may be a mistake!
(Next day, kid is back)
Kid: Well I showed my mom the receipt and we know that the unspent number is just what I have spent that day so you were wrong! Next time don’t lie to me!
(My manager is standing behind me laughing her ass off as the kid runs off)
Manager: Wtf was that?

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