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I work in an almost fast food restaurant, working the front counter and taking orders/making drinks. This happens more often that not, making me worry for the future of the world.

Customer: “How much are your wings?” Waving towards me of course, and not looking down less than a foot to the open menu on the counter they’re leaning on.

Me: Taking the menu and putting my finger to the wing section. “The [small price] has five wings and the [large price] has ten wings, the [small price] boneless has six ounces and the [large price] boneless has twelve ounces.”

Customer: Barely a second after I’ve spoken. “So how many wings do I get/can I buy?”

Me: Very calmly without popping the vein in my forehead. “We have orders of five wings and ten wings, as well as six ounces and twelve ounces.”

Customer: Stands there until they figure out they don’t have enough to get the thirty or so wings they wanted after all and tells me that I charge too much as they walk away.

If any of us had a choice over the price of food, why would we be working there?

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