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“I work at a big box store as a cashier and this happened to me a few weeks ago when I was working in lumber area.”
Customer: Were are your welding supplies?
Me: They are two aisles over sir.
[A few minutes pass and the customer comes back with a sodering torch]
Customer: Excuse me where do you keep your glass sodering rods.
Me: Glass sodering rods?
Customer: Yeah you know the rods that you use to soder items together.
Me: I know what you are talking about, but they don’t make glass sodering rods. What did you need it for?
Customer: The stem on my bong broken I was trying to fix it.
Me: What did you say could you repeat that?
Customer: “repeats”
Me: Sir there is nothing I can recommend to you to fix your bong some super glue from aisle five might be able to do it.
Customer: OK I’ll go check it out.
[Never heard from again]

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