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(So, I went over to this local mom-and-pa diner that I’m, basically, a regular of that serves mexican and american food to pick up my dinner. This diner has a rewards program that gave me a $5 discount to help pay for my food. When I got there, everything proceeded as normal until this silly moment happens as I was paying and using my discount. Now, keep in mind that to use the discount, an employee has to write down some information about me on a piece of paper (nothing too personal) and to see my smartphone that has the code to use the discount.)

Employee #1: *Writing down information* Now, what day is today? Wednesday?

Me: *Holding up my phone with discount code* Yeah. It’s Wednesday.

Employee #2: You dare question his phone?

Employee #1: I’m not questioning his phone; I’m questioning the day of the week.

*Everyone quiets down, but I decided to capitalize on what the second employee said as I hand over my money to pay.*

Me: *In a overly-dramatic voice* You dare question me?!

Employee #1: *Chuckles a little*

Employee #2: *In a joking tone* Am I going to have to report you?

Employee #1: *Still chuckling a little* No, especially not today.

Me: Tsk tsk tsk, looks like you’re in trouble, missy.

*Both of the employees have a quick laugh as I thank them, grab my food, and leave to enjoy my food at home. *

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