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I work as a hostess at a popular Italian restaurant and we offer free unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks WITH an entrée. If we gave free salad and breadsticks to everyone who walked in the door without them buying an entrée, we wouldn’t make a profit. A group of ladies walk in and we seat them with one of our best servers who gets call tables all the time. I did have the pleasure of not dealing with the following customers a server, but they still made me angry.

Customer: I would like the unlimited salad and breadsticks

Server: You want the salad and breadsticks as your meal?

Customer: Yes, it’s free right?

Server: It’s free when you order an entrée, but it’s (total) if you want it as your entrée.

Customer: That’s ridiculous! Last time I came here I got it for free!

Server: Whoever did that was not following policy, you have to order an entrée for free unlimited salad and breadsticks.

By this time I was walking by and the lady stops me

Customer: Do I get free unlimited salad and breadsticks?

Me: Yes, but you have to order an entrée.

Now she is really angry and wants to speak to the manager. I believe the manager gave her the salad and breadsticks for free and probably took a certain amount off the bill.