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I work at a small local retro video game store where we sell old and new games, systems, and collectibles like action figures and things of that nature. I just started working there and a customer came in to exchange a PlayStation. My coworker was helping him with this transaction and I overheard the exchange

“Hey, I need to return this, it doesn’t work. This is the third one I’ve bought from you guys and it still doesn’t work”

“Alright, let me test it out and see what the issue could be”

My coworker plugs the system in, pops in our test game and surprise! It works perfectly fine.

“Seems to be working fine to me”

“What? It wouldn’t play my game”

The customer pulls out a copy of Resident Evil 2, I catch a glimpse of the case and it looks different but at the time I couldn’t quite figure out why. My coworker opened up the jewel case and looked at the disc and it looked like a regular CD. In case anyone doesn’t know, PlayStation discs are Black.

“Oh, I see what the problem is, this is the PC version man.”

The customer looks surprised, after having gone through three systems only to realize they were fine and he needed to play it on PC. He didn’t even take the system back, they traded it in for less than half of what they paid and went on his merry way.