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Customer: “I was in drive thru a little bit ago and my sandwich is all wrong”
Me: “Okay let me see” *puts gloves on and opens sandwhich* “Now what all was on it?”
Customer: “Lettuce, cucumber, pickle, onion mayo and mustard.”
Me: “Okay well everything is on here except for the mustard”
Customer: “Well what’s all that white stuff?!!”
Me: “That’s the mayo.”
Customer: “Well why does it look like that?!!”
Me:”Well you had it toasted and the mayo must have been put on when it was still warm.”
Customer: “Okay well where is my mustard!?”
Me: “Give me one moment” *Goes to grab mustard*
Customer: “I don’t want that sandwhich anymore you touched it!”
Me: *raises gloved hands* “Miss I have gloves on”
Customer: ” I don’t care you touched it!”
Me: *Grabs sandwhich and throws it in the trash* “Fine I’ll remake it but we are out of the original bread you had”
Customer: “Just remake it with wheat then!”
Me: *Remakes sandwhich gives it to her*
Customer: “Have a nice night b**ch”