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(We have a regular that comes into our store often to look at items behind our jewelry counter, and when she does she doesn’t notice anything that happens around her. On my way to help her I put on a giant sombrero to see if she would notice, and she doesn’t. As she leaves, and I am disappointed, a male customer approaches and gestures toward me.)
Customer: How much is that?
Me: (gesturing to the hat) The sombrero?
Customer: No, you.
Me: Uhhh do you want to see anything?
(He picks out a pair of shoes from behind the counter and I lead him to my register to check out. He gets distracted and goes off to look at shirts, and I stare at my manager across the store hoping he’ll come shut my register down before the man gets back. Thankfully, he did, and I didn’t have to deal with him any longer.)

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