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(This happened to my coworker. A man from Germany booked through Expedia and gave his name. He didn’t seem to speak much English. Note: my coworker is black.)

Coworker: “Ok, sir, well, I see your name here. A King Bed nonsmoking, is that correct.”

Guest: “12.”

Coworker: “Um, excuse me?”

Guest: “12!”

Coworker: “Um, are you saying 12 rooms? You want 12 rooms?”

Guest: “No! I book!” *waves printout in front of my coworker’s face*

Coworker: *peering* “This confirmation says only for one room sir.”


Coworker: “We don’t have any more rooms sir–”


Coworker: “Again, sir, we cannot–”

Guest: *screaming very loudly* “TWELLLLVVVVEEE!”

(Now my coworker has worked for years, and has had hundreds of angry customers, and barely flinches when one yells in her face. This time, she said that the man’s behavior scared her very badly, that she is fighting tears.)

Coworker: “Sir–”

Guest: “SHUT UP YOU–” *cursing in German* “TWELVVVE!!!”

Coworker: “Sir, I must ask you to leave.”

(At this point, the nearly 7 foot, ex-cop General Manager comes out and the man’s pupils dilate, and he leaves, still cursing in German, knocking the bellhop over on his way out. Another guest who saw everything from a safe distance comes up.)

Guest 2: *very frightened* “Are you okay? What’s wrong with him? I speak German and he was calling you every bad name about your race! So rude!!”

Coworker: “Um, I, um-mmm..”

GM: “Go take a break.”

(Later my coworker told me that he was the worst customer she’d ever had!)

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