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worked for Cable Company (midnight -7 am shifts) Mostly issues like outages or buying PPV movies/ remotes not working (This happened to be a billing call)

Me : Thank you for calling (Company) my name is (Name) how can i help you
Customer : Hi, can you help me with some billing questions ?
Me : Sure i’d be happy to help you, first i just need to verify some account questions to make sure you are authorized
(Customer verifies everything) and i have been reviewing his bill as he spoke, noticing a HUGE amount of Adult movies on his account for the last 5+ months (over 30 each month ranging from $6.95 to $49.95)

Customer : Can you explain these charges (he lists dates and it’s the adult movies)
Me : Those charges are (i list off the names and Ratings) adult movies all of which were ordered from the Remote, using your PIN set up at the time service was started
Customer : Are you sure? this seems like a lot (his current bill has 6) and i swear i have never ordered movies like this, im a grown man who works 2 jobs
Me : Are you aware that the last 5 months have had over 100 movies of this type ordered? i understand what your saying but for 5 months they have been ordered and payed for… is there anyone else in the home that might be placing these types of movies?
Customer : nope, no way it’s just me and my 17 year old son and his pregnant live in girlfriend, there is no way they would do this …… (Long pause…. screams son’s name) 2-3 mins of fighting and screaming ….. “i am so sorry about this i’ll be paying this off and he will get an ass whooping”

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