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(A confused old lady spilled her coffee behind the front desk, though I didn’t see it at first. Then another guest, a man, comes up.)

Me: “Hello, sir, checking out?”

Guest: “Yes and–whoa! Someone spilled their drink over here!”

Me: *trying to see where* “Oh, I’m sorry about that sir, some one’ll be cleaning it. Let me check you out and get your receipt.”

Guest: *raising voice* “I didn’t spill it! It was not me. Really! There’s a big spill here and someone else did it!”

Me: “Ok, I believe you sir. Here’s your receipt, have a good day.”

Guest: “Seriously! I’m not kidding! Someone should clean that up!”

Me: “Don’t worry sir, someone will.”

(He rolls his eyes and leaves. Finally. I get some paper towels and all the men in the lobby gawk. I check the mirror but there’s nothing. Morning weirdos, I guess.)

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