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Normal day at work, get a call back from a lady saying we forgot her Pork Fried Rice (which I only charged her a dollar for). I asked if she would like to come back and get it she said ‘no’ she was too far away and wanted it delivered. I informed her it is out of our delivery range and no driver would be willing to go all the way to her home, drop off a dollar’s worth of food and come back (which was hard enough for me to convey since she did not let me get out two words before interrupting) I get my manager who stated the exact same thing I said. I offered either a refund on the rice, or a credit (which most people take) then a man came on insisting we return his $60 (full price of the order). My boss kept saying no as the man ‘threatened’ to report us in a newspaper, claiming that he did not understand how we could make a mistake. I claimed we were human, he did not like that. When my boss offered to drive all the way out to give them the rice they gave him a false address (he felt something was up so searched it on Google Maps). Finally they came to an agreement he would refund the fried rice (and an egg-roll which he randomly claimed was also missing) a whole $2. It isn’t the first time people tried to get free food out of us, hopefully they will NEVER call again!

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