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At my work we have a computer that keeps track of any mistakes/problems with previous orders. We call this ‘credit’ so when a customer calls again we know how much money to take off or if they need a replacement for an item they did not receive. One night a man called stating he should have ‘$20 of credit’ which is unheard of since I work for a very small Chinese food restaurant where most the max amount of credit for an item I have seen was $4. I put the man on hold and called over my boss who stated that the man made up the number himself last time he called. Something was wrong with the order, and instead of accepting my boss’s invitation to fix it he demanded $20 of free food and hung up on him. I informed the man there was no information on that, and my boss refused to give him any compensation. The next thirty minutes consisted of the man constantly calling back claiming it was the worse “Customer service” experience he has ever gotten, how if we just gave him the $20 of free food there would be no problem, and how he has never been so disrespected at a restaurant. Eventually my boss considered calling the police for harassment though luckily he finally stopped calling.