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A beautiful tall lady walks in, with glorious blonde hair, fur coat to the floor, and with a machismo-bitch thing going on.

“Hello there, how’s it going? Do you have an appointment today?”

With her nose turned up, takes off her majestic fur coat, hands it–no, sticks it to my face-and says “Uh-huh. Yes. Yes. Table for two, please. Yes?” in a thick Russian accent.

“I’m sorry?”

She looked around the salon full of clients with foils in their hair and towels on their shoulders, stylists milling around with scissors and brushes, and the works. Seemingly unfazed by this and now irritated, she barked at me again, “For two! Table for two, please! Right away! And I’m having dinner with the gentleman. He’s here, yes?”

(Oooooh, girl. First of all, turn down the attitude. And secondly, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about)

Guess she had a date. With THE gentleman.

“Oh, I’m sorry but this is a hair salon…” I said.

“What?!!!” She looked around one more time, her face slowly turned red as she realized where she was. “Ah! No! Oh my God! Sorry! So sorry!” she said, all embarrassed and now all friendly. She quickly snatched her fur coat from me and stormed out, before I could finish saying “…perhaps you meant to go to the restaurant two doors down?”

Did she have a blind date? Did she get punked? Is it normal to dine out with foils in your hair in Russia? Do servers there cut your hair while you eat?

So many questions.