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(My boss, a coworker and myself are at the check-out desk of the pet store where I work, doing various jobs, when a teenage girl walks in and approaches the counter.)

Girl: “Hi, can I please have a banana lily fish?”

*Everyone else exchanges side-ways glances*

Boss: “This sounds like a good one for you, [my name]!”

*I walk over to the aquarium section with the girl, wondering what on earth she means by “banana lily fish” (I know a lot about most common aquarium fish, but I had never come across anything with a name even similar to this).*

Me: “Is there a particular fish that you wanted?”

*She goes over to the oranda (a type of goldfish) tank, and points out a fish.*

Girl: “That one, please.”

Now realizing the mistake she’d made, I was trying very hard not to laugh. I netted the fish she wanted, asked a few questions to make sure she was going to care for it properly (which it seemed she was), and put her sale through.

What had happened was that we’d just got a new batch of orandas in, and no one had labeled “orandas” on the tank yet, so the only thing written on the glass was “banana lilies $3.30” (a banana lily is a type of aquatic plant) as there were banana lilies for sale in that tank also. My boss, coworker and I all had a very good laugh after she was gone and “banana lily” has become a bit of a joke in the shop now.

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